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We have developed advertising strategies for different brands, organizations, and even individuals in many countries and industries around the world. Through these processes, we have witnessed a very sad reality in the industry from many brands we have worked with or whose stories we have heard. Unfortunately, agencies or individuals do not show enough care for this work. We do not see success as possible in the short or long term without internalizing a brand and its goals, and truly aiming to carry it to a point as if it were a brand created by itself.


We could tell you how we do the job and what kind of agency we are using technical terms and classic sentences. But everyone is already doing that.


Another thing everyone does is to focus on their own goals and profits, not on yours and your brand’s goals. We know that the only way to achieve our own goals is to achieve your goals. In addition to this, our motivation in bringing you to your goals is not just this! Our greatest motivation is to feel accomplished, to be a part of a brand’s success story, and to be the reason for the change in people’s lives with the awareness that this work creates a butterfly effect. When we remove all digital tools, systems, and other abstract concepts, this strategy process ultimately starts and ends with humans.


We know that when we start to change one person’s life, we will affect the life of a family, the environment when the life of a family changes, the city when the environment changes, the country when the city changes, and the world in some way. We act with this responsibility. We love our work, production, and the impact we create.



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